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Innovative Legal Solutions in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) at CR Advocates LLP

The Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors are currently undergoing significant changes, presenting both remarkable opportunities and formidable challenges. At CR Advocates LLP, our versatile and experienced TMT law practitioners provide expert advice to clients operating in or looking to enter the African market. Our TMT team possesses extensive knowledge of the TMT regulatory framework across many African jurisdictions, dealing with the movement of communications across various platforms, including television, print, the internet, and mobile devices.

What Does TMT, Cyber Security, and Data Protection Law Cover?

TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecom) law encompasses legal issues in these sectors, including regulatory compliance, contracts, and licensing requirements. Cyber security and data protection laws focus on safeguarding information and technology infrastructure, addressing the legal aspects of protecting against cyber threats and ensuring data privacy.

Our team at CR Advocates LLP has the insight, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit to support the growth of your business and protect its unique aspects. Whether you are a start-up, an established technology company, or a publicly listed entity, we offer a range of services under our TMT practice, including:

  • – Navigating the latest advances in blockchain, developing new AI technologies, and mitigating cyber risks.
  • – Maximizing the benefits of emerging technologies that are transforming industries such as finance, energy, retail, manufacturing, insurance, mining, automotive, and healthcare globally.
  • – Advising on licensing requirements, policy, and market developments in this highly regulated sector.
  • – Assisting in corporate mergers and acquisitions and commercial agreements that consider TMT regulatory requirements, such as system integration, software development, platform licensing, and IT services.
  • – Providing comprehensive advice on data protection, compliance, and data breach management.

Our telecoms team supports the entire ecosystem of the telecoms market, with specialist experience in inter-carrier arrangements, strategic alliances, acquisitions, complex outsourcing, real estate projects, mobile infrastructure, and transmission projects. We offer extensive advice on regulatory requirements in the telecom sector, particularly concerning licensing and compliance.

Cyber Security and Data Privacy Expertise

Cyber security and data privacy have become critical aspects of TMT law. Our cyber security and data privacy team provides specialist, rapid-response legal support to mitigate risks both before and after a cyber-attack. We assist in engaging with authorities, dealing with regulators, managing business impacts, and tracing perpetrators.

For comprehensive legal support in TMT, cyber security, and data protection law, reach out to CR Advocates LLP. We are equipped to provide you with the global perspective and specialized legal expertise needed in these dynamic and evolving sectors.

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TMT law, or Technology, Media, and Telecommunications law, deals with various forms of communication across platforms such as television, print, the internet, and mobile devices. It addresses legal issues arising from the rapid growth of internet giants like Google, Facebook, and YouTube and data privacy concerns, leading to the development of data protection laws.

CR Advocates LLP offers a wide range of legal services in the TMT sector, including creating contracts for new ventures, licensing, rights distribution, data protection compliance, conducting due diligence on international partners, and advising on business establishments in this field, among others.

Our firm provides legal advising services to ensure compliance with data protection laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Kenyan Data Protection Act of 2019. We help clients navigate privacy and data protection regulations effectively.

Relevant legal frameworks and acts in data protection and cyber security include the Kenyan Data Protection Act, EU GDPR, Consumer Protection Act, Media Act, and Kenya Information and Communications Act. These laws play a crucial role in safeguarding data and privacy.

Data Protection and Cyber Security laws target key sectors such as telecommunications, financial, pharmaceutical, advertisement, gaming, and public institutions. These laws are designed to ensure the security and privacy of data in various industries.

Our expertise includes providing strategic regulatory compliance guidance, developing vendor management systems, negotiating contracts related to cybersecurity and privacy, conducting data protection audits, handling cyber incidents and risks, and addressing privacy concerns in technology-related deals.

The Kenyan Data Protection Act applies to data controllers and processors founded or residing in Kenya, as well as those outside of Kenya, insofar as they process personal data within Kenya or of data subjects located in Kenya. This law has implications for various entities handling personal data.

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