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Internet Law
It is our contention that the internet (“world-wide-web”) is the way of the future. Now, smart devices are taking off more than ever. The progression of the smartphone in the past years has been a modern miracle. The internet touches our lives in ways we could never imagine and will continue to change the future in many ways. However, with the future and a constantly evolving technological infrastructure, comes along uncertainties and a need to use it in a secure and efficient way. With that need, comes an area that could be described as Internet Law or Cyberspace Law, which is a category of law with attorneys who use the rules in new ways to address the issues. Internet and Cyberspace laws are terms that encapsulate the legal issues related to the use of communicative, transactional, and distributive aspects of computer information systems and technologies. In general, the internet comprises commercial, educational, governmental, and international networks, all of which use the same set of communication protocols. Internet law is governed by many laws and regulations spanning from Kenyan law and cutting across other laws globally because the internet has no boundaries. This is the reason why you will need an expert in Internet Business and Cyberspace to navigate the legal matters arising from the internet.

Our Legal Internet and Cyberspace Law Services

CR Advocates LLP provides professional legal services for clients with whom we have been working in close contact for over 20 years. Who need analysis of private, corporate, transactional, and regulatory issues related to the world-wide-web and its related sciences or technologies. We work in a wide range of legal disciplines, including, but not limited to, commercial and non-commercial transactions and focus on privacy, security, and regulation. We seek to identify and address issues that are affected by the implementation of new and emerging technologies and to facilitate the creation of infrastructures that promote e-commerce technologies. Our law firm provides practical tools and guidance for clients who regularly deal with technology. Our extensive experience in practicing internet law is hugely important to our clients because it increases the likelihood of successful outcomes to their social media and in internet law issues. This is because when you instruct an experienced specialist internet and social media lawyer, you also take advantage of tested strategies and exclusive solutions that are more likely to help you resolve any reputational damage issue. You are also more likely to do so in a time-speedy and in a cost effective manner. But more significantly, a highly experienced internet lawyer is more likely to accurately predict any side effects and risks that might result from a particular course of action, and which are likely to have a tremendous impact on your reputation.

Why Choose a CR Advocates LLP Internet Law Attorneys?

The team at CR Advocates LLP includes experienced internet attorneys who have a proven track record when it comes to internet law. We have handled cases that touch on almost all aspects of internet and technology law. We have represented start-up companies, established businesses, and some of the largest online corporations, including many SaaS companies and social media influencers. We fully understand internet law, back-end technology, and the common legal issues that often affect companies that have an online presence. If you’re dealing with a case involving the internet, you’ve come to the right firm. Our team at a CR Advocates LLP includes experienced internet attorneys who have a proven track record when it comes to internet law. If you’re dealing with a case involving the internet, you’ve come to the right firm.


• Internet business set up.
• E-Commerce Agreements.
• Online defamation suits.
• Cybercrimes prosecution and defence.
• Domain name acquisition transactions.
• Web Development and Content Disputes.
• Website Risk Assessments.
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Agreements.
• E-Commerce and online Transaction Guidance.
• Domain Name Disputes.
• Software Licenses Agreements.
• Internet Class Actions.
• Representing our clients in Cybersquatting maters (impersonating and username squatting)
• Drafting of Website sale and negotiations.
• Drafting of Website terms of Use Agreements.
• Drafting of Privacy Policies.
• Drafting complaint policies and terms of use for online Sweepstakes and games.
• Handling domain theft cases.
• Drafting website agreements.

As the digital age forms the current global economy, the law continues to evolve in order to keep pace with technology. As a society, we are increasingly forced to face new challenges or issues. We provide a strong understanding of how the law and related technologies merge to provide solutions. As internet lawyers, we bring years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to the controversies and issues. As the ever-changing technologies provide new and remarkable claims, trying the limits of traditional laws, our clients return to Kenya for legal support and advocacy.

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