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We offer forensics and due diligence services as a practice area that spans from corporate due diligence, litigation, debt recovery and intellectual property due diligence. Our due diligence teams also provide general legal forensic services. Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding on due diligence and we educate our clients on the importance of undergoing the due diligence process. Because the due diligence process can be lengthy, clients often require a great deal of guidance on how to navigate the process while maintaining confidentiality over their most sensitive information.

Our M & A, real estate,  intellectual property and franchising practice is heavily reliant on our due diligence teams be it in transactions involving joint ventures, strategic alliances, spin-offs, tender offers, distressed M & A and public-to-private transactions. Our due diligence not only identify legal risk but also provides the client remedial options.

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Due diligence is the investigation or exercise of care that is undertaken before performing any transaction, especially when buying land or before entering into a contract of agreement in order to eliminate any risks.

As your Advocate there are laws enacted to ensure that Advocate-Client confidentiality is upheld and any information passed to your Advocate is privileged.

It will be evident with the backing of case law, the acts that are necessary to support your case or the area of consultancy.

CR Advocates LLP is a top-tier law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services and solutions for domestic and international clients. We pride ourselves in being flexible, accessible and offer client-oriented legal services.

Mergers and acquisitions, business establishments, litigation disputes, imports and export transactions, immigration, buying and selling of land, borrowing and lending of money, construction projects, land, air and sea transport services, manufacturing services among others.

It is important to note that whenever legal research is done, the results are tremendous and time-effective. Therefore sound legal advice is important before commencing any transaction.

The risk you can face especially when buying land is that you proceed with the transaction without properly establishing the existence of the property nor verifying the titles of land and other documentation. This in the end will lead to fraudulent transactions which will eventually give rise to law suits. It is therefore important to investigate and get the proper information to avoid future losses and constraints.

No, CR Advocates LLP acts for clients globally to advise them on all legal matters relating to doing business in Kenya or between local and foreign company deals, disputes or related transactions.

You know by engaging a lawyer to share a legal opinion on the legal issue you are struggling with. It is very risky to take any action without proper advise from legal expert relating to the subject matter.

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