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Commercial, Cross Border Corporate Services

Welcome to CR Advocates LLP, where we offer specialized Commercial and Cross Border Corporate Services. Our team is dedicated to assisting both local and international clients in business establishment, mergers and acquisitions, and providing comprehensive legal consultancy. Our expertise extends to contract drafting, corporate finance, regulatory compliance, and company secretarial services. We are committed to providing essential support for navigating the complexities of global business operations and legal frameworks.

What Are Cross-Border Corporate Services?

Cross-border corporate services encompass business operations and transactions that span multiple countries. This includes international trade, cross-border investments, and multinational contracts. Given the complexity of these operations, consulting with an attorney skilled in international law is crucial for successful business endeavors.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services

Thank you for considering CR Advocates LLP for your Commercial and Cross Border Corporate Services needs. We specialize in a comprehensive range of services for both local and international businesses. Our offerings include setting up various types of businesses, handling mergers and acquisitions, ensuring regulatory compliance, and drafting a wide array of commercial contracts. Additionally, we provide company secretarial services, statutory compliance assistance, and business support on an annual retainer basis. Understanding your specific business needs allows us to offer tailored legal solutions.

Initial Commercial, Cross Border Corporate Services Inquiry

“Welcome to CR Advocates LLP’s Commercial, Cross Border Corporate Services. Are you seeking legal assistance with international business transactions, cross-border regulatory compliance, or other cross-border corporate matters?”

50+ Clients

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We help establish various entities, including private/public companies and NGOs.

We provide comprehensive legal services for cross-border M&A transactions.

Yes, we offer consultancy on regulatory frameworks for globally operating businesses.

Yes, we specialize in contract negotiation and drafting for various international transactions.

We offer legal assistance for structuring and executing joint ventures and strategic alliances.

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