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CR Advocates LLP is the business law firm provide services like business registration in Kenya. We are known as best commercial law firm in Kenya. At CR Advocates LLP, we help our clients in representation of trans-continental Mergers and Acquisitions especially in areas such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, oil and gas, infrastructure and intellectual property, regulatory frameworks and compliance checklists, commercial contracts and negotiation, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, joint ventures and strategic alliances, share purchases, financings, company/corporate secretarial and support services among others.

Our commercial, cross border & corporate law practice area consists of exceptional corporate commercial lawyers who deliver practical, proactive and commercially-focused advice in Kenya as well as corporate commercial matters affecting the rest of the world. We offer corporate law transactions that touch on various aspects which include business establishments of various types such as private and public companies, partnerships, trusts, societies, local and international foundations as well as NGO’s.

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A commercial and corporate lawyer is an expert in company and business law. A commercial and corporate lawyer assists companies in various transactions stemming business operations and growth. A commercial lawyer is mainly concerned with offering legal support to businesses to aid them in establishing their businesses, growing their businesses, helping them protect their brand names and reputation and eventually earning money.

An ordinary day for a commercial lawyer at CR Advocates LLP would involve, for example, reading and revising contracts, drafting legal documents for businesses, advising the businesses on legal options, providing legal advice on contracts that relate to the company, buying and selling companies (mergers and acquisitions), preparing and developing commercial contracts, managing and helping to resolving commercial conflicts and technological license deals, making applications for registrations and intellectual property protection and advising the clients in decision-making which is legally sound. It may also require a high level of negotiation on behalf of the client for the terms of a contract or a license agreement. Commercial lawyers in Kenya are largely confronted with business cases of court litigation in the typical form of contractual claims for breach of contract.

When it comes to starting your own business in Kenya, you should know that you have a variety of business types to choose from, one that is convenient to you, and these include; Sole Proprietorships, Private Company Limited by Shares, Private Company Limited by Guarantee, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Branch of a Foreign Company or subsidiary of a foreign company or a Foreign Company.

CR Advocates LLP act for start-ups, medium sized companies as well as large firms who intend to do business in any industry or sector in Kenya, both locally and internationally.

Yes. Working with suppliers and distributors means getting into contracts. CR Advocates LLP commercial lawyer’s role is to assist in providing an understanding of the relationship between suppliers and distributors, providing advice during contract negotiations, and assisting in ensuring compliance with the necessary laws.

Yes most definitely. The laws of Kenya allow foreigners to register and operate businesses in Kenya subject to compliance with industry and or sector regulations and laws. CR Advocates LLP are experts in foreign business registrations and requirements.

You can turn your local business into an international corporation by internationalizing your business operations, engaging in foreign trade and even venturing into collaborative practices such as mergers and acquisitions.

This can be done by performing a legal compliance audit of your business and establishing the level of compliance with legal, institutional and regulatory framework within which the business operates as well as establish the level of compliance with internal controls and policies. CR Advocates LLP is comprised of certified legal compliance and governance auditors to help you digest all compliance levels and create a compliance checklist for daily guidance.

Yes. When solving a business dispute, you might avoid the court process by employing other systems of dispute resolutions. CR Advocates LLP commercial lawyers are also certified as mediators who aid disputing parties reach a compromise agreement instead of battling cases in court which has a risk of reputational damage, high legal costs and lose of relationships. 

Tax implications on cross-border transactions are largely mean to govern the gains or profits that are earned within a country and they are mainly jurisdictional. In Kenya, they are governed by The Income Tax Act, Cap 470, Laws of Kenya.

Cross-border transactions have the advantage of opening up your business to the international market which ensures that the clientele you get are not only restricted to the ones within the country.

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