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Biggest Law Firm

We are delighted to inform you about CR Advocates LLP win in the most prestigious awards
from the Lawyers Global in all the 3 categories:

  • Africa Continent Outstanding Law Firm;

  • The Most Outstanding Law Firm in East Africa Sub Region;

  • The Country Winner Law Firm;

This happened with the help of committed, loyal and dedicated- professionals from the lawyers

We are lucky to have you guys here at the best time ahead. As our esteemed customers, we are
glad to share with you and celebrate our awards with you

About the Lawyers Global Awards

The Lawyers Global is a global organization mission to connect the best law firms to worldwide

They recommend the law firms that offer the most innovative law services with the highest

This has enabled us to offer legal services to our clients globally with the same opportunity
regardless of the different-religions, cultures, region and political beliefs.

The lawyers Global provides awards in Global Awards, Continents Awards, Sub-Regional
Awards, Country Awards, and Legal Award Marketing every year to recognize the law firms
with the outstanding performances and customer services.

Award 1: Africa Continent Outstanding Annual Legal Awards 2022, Awarded Band No. 16

The Continent award is mainly provided for different continents such as Asia, Europe, Australia,
North America, Africa, and South America. It’s authorized as the world’s best lawyers and law
firm by continent.

Primarily, the lawyers globally shortlist the firms on the specific continent, review the capacity
and working processes, rate the quality, recognize and nominate the firm.

We are delighted to announce that in Africa Continent, CR Advocates LLP was noticed and
awarded as The Outstanding Law Firm in Africa Continent, Band Ranked Number 16 in Africa.


Award 2: East Africa Sub-Region Outstanding Annual Legal Awards 2022, Ranked No. 3

The East Africa Sub-Region award started in 2019 and is primarily a subset of continent awards.
It’s ranked chiefly based on each firm following the parent continent sub-region, which is finally
ranked by the Sub-Region-Level category.

CR Advocates LLP is happy to share that in the Annual Global Legal Awards, CR Advocates
was nominated and Awarded as number 3 as the East Africa Most Outstanding law firm.

Award 3: Kenya Country Award Lawyers Global 2022, Ranked No. 1

In the Lawyers global, law firms are nominated from 240+ countries around the globe. In The
Lawyers Global Country Award, CR Advocates LLP is happy to announce that we were
nominated and awarded the Country Winner Law Firm being ranked Number 1 in Kenya.


Why The Global Lawyers Awards Are Priceless to Us?

There is nothing more precious than being recognized for the work and CR Advocates LLP made
it happen.

Because it’s good to serve global clients as experts and at the same time being committed and
finding happiness in work.

But what’s really sweeter than that is to get recognized by form world’s best!!!

Through our core values;

  • We always aspire to create lasting bonds with our clients – we seek to build friendly
  • We are open and accessible in our dealings with our clients and other stakeholders
  • We are always available, ready and willing to serve our clients and our clients can rely on
  • We always seek to understand and empathize with our clients since we care and value our

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